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Learning Landscapes Journal – Teaching with Portals: the Intersection of Video Games and Physics Education – Spring 2013

Games and Learning – LearnBIG Launch Offers Snapshot into Learning Game Market – 12/9/2013


ISTE – Learn with Portals: STEM Education through Gaming – June 2013

Games, Learning and Society 2013 – Learn with Portals: STEM Education Through Gaming (skip to 06:51) – June 2013

Science Online – The Game Changer: Games for science Engagement and Education – January 2013

Media Mentions

News & Observer – “He’s using video games to teach physics” – 4/21/2013

Columbia University News Service – “Really, Mom, My Physics Homework Is to Play ‘Tomb Raider'” – 3/1/2013

Science Scribe – “Games for Science Engagement and Education,” from the ScienceOnline2013 Conference – 2/27/2013

IT Babble Podcast episode 55 – “I want a Portal gun” (skip to 19:25) – 2/10/2013

CNET Australia Crave blog – “Now that’s teaching with Portals!” – 2/4/2013

It’s Okay To Be Smart – “Physics with Portals” – 2/2/2013

G.A.M.E. Presentation (I start talking at the 40 minute mark)  – 1/17/2013

The Seneca Times (High School Newspaper) – “A Portal to Learning: Physics with Video Games” – 12/13/2012

Singularity Hub – “Learn Science While Playing Video Games? Video Game Maker Valve Makes Dreams Come True” – 7/22/2012

Wired’s Game Life – “Games for Change: Teaching with Portal, Fixing Brains with iPhone” (scroll down to the part about thermodynamics) – 7/17/2012

Columbia University EdLab – “EdLab Review: Teach with Portals” – 7/2/2012

Wired’s Geek Mom – “Valve Wants Schools to Teach with Portals” – 6/28/2012

Teach with Portals – “Physics with Portals” – 6/27/2012

ASU TeachOnline – “Teaching with Portal 2” – 6/20/2012

Valve’s Games for Change Presentation – 6/20/2012


3 thoughts on “Publications, Presentations, Media

  1. Saw you on It Takes a Guild. I am just starting a career of game designer with my fourth grade students. I was wondering if you take requests. I would love three short videos on Newtons Laws using the puzzle maker. Or maybe you could assign your students to make them to teach my fourth graders here in California.

    • Hi Nathan,
      Thanks for reaching out. I’m actually not teaching at the moment, which is too bad because I’d love for my students to teach yours physics. As for the videos, I haven’t made any Physics with Portals videos recently but I want to start up again soon. Maybe Newton’s Laws would be a fun topic to cover…


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