Demonstration Videos

Newton’s Laws

New Educational Build Toys

Contraption Cube Oscillator

Velocity Limit of Portals

Do Portals Slow You Down?

Conservation of Momentum and Collisions

Student puzzle

Correcting my mistake

Good video… wrong conclusion

Ideal Gas Law

Terminal Velocity Part 1

Timing and Momentum Flings

The Ledge Drop

Shoot the Coconut


The Physics of Momentum Flings


15 thoughts on “Demonstration Videos

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  5. Vic Noto says:

    Is The Portal 2 a simulation game that a physics teacher may purchase. Can you demonstrate an inelastic and elastic collision showing the velocity before the collision and after?

  6. aayusho says:

    Hi. I am a student in grade 12 and for my project in my school im trying to take the idea of teaching physics through video games. Can you recommend a simple demonstration video that I could do in front of my class with portal 2 puzzle maker?

    • Hi aayusho,
      I’d be glad to give you a recommendation. What are you studying in physics? What kind of Portal levels do you like?

      • aayusho says:

        I would prefer any topic in Physics. I have studied topics in Kinematics. I liked the video of conservation of momentum for example that you did. I just want to do any simple Physics demonstration in my class.

  7. Hi, I was wondering how can I get the software? I am a student and I would like to demonstrate in front of my Physics class.

    • Hi Aayush,
      You can get Portal 2 from the Steam Store ( or, if you try, you might be able to get an educational version!

      • aayusho says:

        Isn’t it only possible to get the educational version only by teachers? Because I’m not a teacher I cannot sign up for it?

  8. Rouie says:

    hi 🙂 where i can download this “portal 2”? can you sen me a link?

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