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  5. Vic Noto says:

    Is The Portal 2 a simulation game that a physics teacher may purchase. Can you demonstrate an inelastic and elastic collision showing the velocity before the collision and after?

  6. aayusho says:

    Hi. I am a student in grade 12 and for my project in my school im trying to take the idea of teaching physics through video games. Can you recommend a simple demonstration video that I could do in front of my class with portal 2 puzzle maker?

    • Hi aayusho,
      I’d be glad to give you a recommendation. What are you studying in physics? What kind of Portal levels do you like?

      • aayusho says:

        I would prefer any topic in Physics. I have studied topics in Kinematics. I liked the video of conservation of momentum for example that you did. I just want to do any simple Physics demonstration in my class.

  7. Hi, I was wondering how can I get the software? I am a student and I would like to demonstrate in front of my Physics class.

    • Hi Aayush,
      You can get Portal 2 from the Steam Store (store.steampowered.com) or, if you try teachwithportals.com, you might be able to get an educational version!

      • aayusho says:

        Isn’t it only possible to get the educational version only by teachers? Because I’m not a teacher I cannot sign up for it?

  8. Rouie says:

    hi 🙂 where i can download this “portal 2”? can you sen me a link?

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