ScienceOnline Wrap Up

I had a really great time at ScienceOnline! I enjoyed meeting everybody and having some fantastic discussions, especially at the #scigames session 🙂

I want to give a shout out to Melanie Stegman’s excellent website, the Science Game Center, where you can play and review some really innovative educational games. It’s worth checking out!

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3 thoughts on “ScienceOnline Wrap Up

  1. […] you happen to miss our #scigames session at ScienceOnline? Never fear, check out this great Storify by Jessica Rohde to get a glimpse of all the awesome […]

  2. drstegman says:

    Hey Cameron,

    I had ablast meeting you and the great #SciGames group. Thank you for plugging our We are very inclusive, we accept all science teaching games… including Portals… I’ll email you a request for information to post.

    Your teaching skills and your Portal skills make me happy for the high school kids you teach!


    • cameronwp says:

      Thanks Melanie! It was great meeting you too. And really, the Science Game Center is awesome. I definitely plan on contributing a few reviews 🙂

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