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sunday miscellany

1) I’ll be presenting at Games+Learning+Society with Steve Isaacs and Leslie Redd in June. We’ll be presenting our work on teaching with Portal 2 and running a workshop where educators can explore the Puzzle Maker and develop lesson plans to share and take home. You should meet us there!

2) A Portal themed web series? Ok, so it looks really dorky and cheesy… but it’s Portal! I’ll at least watch the first episode.

3) Check out GlassLab’s work with SimCity EDU. Very cool way to teach civics, social studies, the science behind running a city and probably a few other subjects as well. I fully support this kind of work.

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Portal 2 at PAX East and Data

Two things:

1) Lisa Castaneda and Geoff Moore recently spoke at PAX East about teaching geometry with the Puzzle Maker. I love the idea of “broken levels,” where students have to finish building levels with certain restraints.

2) Here’s the data I used to analyze projectile motion, in case anyone ever wants to do their own data analysis: Portal 2 Position Time Data, Portal 2 Velocity Time Data.

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SXSW edu wrap up and some good press

Two updates:

1) Columbia School of Journalism grad student Qi Chen just posted a great article about teaching with video games. Really interesting overview of how I, along with a few other teachers, have been employing commercial video games in our classes. Check it out!

2) I walked away from SXSW edu yesterday feeling excited. It was amazing to see people from such a wide array of backgrounds working to create and use educational technology. Some highlights:

a) Adapative Technology that can analyze what students know and then determine what they should learn next.

b) Historia for social studies!

c) Sunnyside USD’s Project Graduation

d) Atlantis Remixed, which is especially cool for the way it turns abstract concepts, like persuasive writing, into game mechanics.

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SXSW Education and #scio13 review

Two announcements:

1) There’s a great review of the #scigames session Erik and I ran last month at ScienceOnline 2013 up at Perrin Ireland’s Science Scribe blog. It’s definitely worth the read!

2) I will be attending the Tuesday and Wednesday sessions of SXSW Education next week. Really looking forward to all of the great speakers and learning about new techniques with tech and games in education. Let me know if you’re going to be there!

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#scigames session, tweet for tweet

Did you happen to miss our #scigames session at ScienceOnline? Never fear, check out this great Storify by Jessica Rohde to get a glimpse of all the awesome ideas thrown around.

And while you’re perusing the twitterverse (where you should be following me!), you’ve got to see some of the amazing artwork from our session:

Scribing 1

Scribing 2

Science with Portals! – this is my laptop’s new background 🙂

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